Will a medical profession be the best choice for you?

A career in medicine is one of the oldest and most respected professions; it allows you the possibility to impact human life in a way that is truly unique and the job satisfaction you get is incomparable. A field in which one needs to put others first, medicine is truly a service and not just a profession. The hard work and countless hours one needs to invest in studying medicine can come across as a grueling task, but the power to save lives is well-worth the effort.

There are many reasons why students choose to study medicine from personal calling to job stability. Although everyone has his or her own motivations, there are heaps of practical aspects that can make medicine a desirable career option.

1. This is a diverse and vast field where one never ceases to learn. The basic medical degree(MBBS) is just the initial stage in gaining knowledge and competence for a future in medicine where you strive for the common good.

2. Stability alongside satisfaction is what people aim for in their lives, and the field of medicine is a better way to achieve this. The financial gains in the profession may not be comparable to some other professions but there is an essential stability as it isn't as vulnerable to downfall as numerous other careers.

3. This career is not only a service to the society but also one that will give you respect.

4. The 5.5 years bachelor's degree in medicine (4.5 years for MBBS + 1 year of Internship) can introduce you to a whole new world of possibilities. After 5.5 years of training, some graduates decide to practice medicine while others chose to study further specializations like surgery, dermatology, medicine etc.

5. In this field, you are on a path of continuous progress. Constant development and upgrade in technology require you to adapt to brand new innovative ideas and equipment. Dealing with patients regularly makes you empathize with others better which, in turn, add value to your medical practice.

6. This field is for the ones who love to challenge themselves every day. One needs to possess strong decision-making skills to shape a career in medicine. Real-time thinking and rightly employing knowledge is an essential part of a medical practitioners' job; one small mistake can affect someone's life. Empathy towards humanity, stronger belief system and desire to bring a positive change are the driving forces for finding success in the world of medicine.

7. Through this field, one can aim to reach the global stage, although with determination and utmost dedication. Wearing a white coat gives you a big responsibility, a responsibility of improving people's lives. Only a doctor can truly understand how joyous it is when he or she saves a life of a patient which is in the clutches of a life-threatening disease. The impact of an antidote discovered by you could save millions of lives across the world.

With the world moving forward at such a fast pace, people are becoming increasingly negligent towards their health. While being constantly surrounded by technologies and leading a work-oriented lifestyle, people are even more vulnerable to ill health. Being a doctor, you can help a lot of people have a better life and this is the unparalleled joy and satisfaction that leads many to opt for medicine as a profession.